Monday, December 29, 2014

Get Married Like It's 1999!!!

Hey Dolls!

If you're looking to have your  reception turn into a HUGE party, while celebrating your marriage, what better time to get married than New Years Eve?! After all, it is an exciting time to start new beginnings... New Years Eve is PERFECT if you want your wedding to be a glitzy party, filled with family and friends! Below I will share with you some ideas to ring in the New Year with a wedding.


You can get very creative with your tablescape for a New Years Eve wedding. Even though a big party is about to take place, the decor can still create a classic atmosphere. Some of my faves to include are clocks, confetti and the colors black, ivory and GOLD.

Bridesmaids Attire

The options are endless for your bridesmaids attire. You can simply have them dressed as if they were attending a black tie event; or you can spice it up and have them wear a classy, dress with SEQUINS that will transition easily into the night.  

Favors & Decor

Is it possible to have a New Years Eve wedding without a COUNTDOWN & SPARKLE ?! I don't think so! Be sure to add glitter to your champagne bottles and confetti on each table. Also, add a little pizzaz to the Bride & Groom's chairs at he head table.

Cake & Desserts

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Have some comfy, yet cute shoes to switch into for the PARTY!


If it's your dream to ring in the New Year, while saying "I do", have a New Years Eve wedding!

New Years Giveaway !

Hey Dolls! 

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Pink Kisses & lots of Love 🎀

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tis the Season for Gifting !

Hey Dolls!

It's the season of giving and we are all wondering what gift to give that special loved one. We go from store to store browsing, in search of the perfect gift. Let's face it, it isn't  easy fighting the traffic and crowds of the holiday season... I think we all have at least one person on our list that completely stumps us and we have no idea what to get them. For that last minute shopper it can be stressful and quite exhausting! All in all its about giving , warming each other's hearts and seeing them smile on Christmas Day. 

While doing some shopping I decided to blog about it and share a few of my gifting ideas. *You may want a couple for yourself too*

Let's start with a gift for the makeup lover ! 

Every year I look forward to MAC's limited edition holiday collections. This year my favorite is the "Objects of Affection Lipglass " since they come in a pack of 4, you can split them up and sneak yourself a few ! In the collection there are 3 different sets to choose from: Nude + Coral, Pink + Plum & Nude + Red! 

These brush sets are adorable! Both are from Sephora and can be found in store or online! 

I love this cute little makeup bag! This is for the organized, girly girl ! It's only $20 from Sephora as well! 

These mugs are for the businesswoman/ girl on the go! This mug and travel is cute, not to mention they make a statement! These can both be found online at for about $22

Do you have a friend that is super busy and needs to account for every second of her day ? These beautiful planners are perfect for her! The polka dotted one can be found at Kate Spade for $35 and the striped two can be found in Target stores for $9.99-14.99 from sugar ! 

These bagels can be a great gift for the girl who likes nice things! Both of these bangles can be found on with the Michael Kors website or Macy's website. Believe it or not, I snagged one of these for $40 on the Macy's website this past weekend! Who doesn't like pretty gifts with an even a cheaper price ?!

If you have a friend that is fit & loves the gym, give her a gift to workout in style! These items are perfect for the girl who has the gym in her daily routine. They're from Victoria's Secret and are currently on sale! You can get the bag for $18.99 and the water bottle for $14.95! 

These ear buds are a cute gift idea for ANYBODY ! If you don't want to SPLURGE on Dr. Dre Beats these are a nice and trendy alternative ! 

Are you a DIY Gifter/ Stocking Stuffer ?! These are homemade hot chocolate jars that I found on Pinterest and made myself! They are adorable and your family and friends will love them! 

Don't know what to give that "oh so special" guy in your life?  I saw this cardigan at the GAP and it was on SALE! 

As the clock ticks and Christmas draws near, let's keep our loved ones close and the true meaning in our hearts...

Happy gifting & until next time Dolls

*Pink Kisses & Seasons Greetings* 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Top 5 Wedding Do's & Don'ts

 Hey dolls ! As you know I'm in the wedding industry. I work at the beautiful bridal store Tiffanys and I'm a planner. I get asked all the time about wedding tips, so I decided to share my "Top 5 Wedding Do's & Don'ts" with you all. If you have any you'd like to add feel free to comment them below! Sooo here it goes...

Wedding Don'ts 

5) Don't be a Bridezilla! 

We've all seen the show and how the women parade around giving people orders and asking them to do cynical, outlandish things... Your wedding is a celebration of love for you and your loved ones, don't put them through boot camp! 

4) Have a Bachelor/Bachelorette party the night before the wedding 

This may sound like a great idea at first buuut, it may not be the best choice in the end. You don't want to have a hangover on your big day, and certainly not your bridesmaids either! Not to mention this does not make for good pictures... You all should look beautiful, refreshed, and well rested! Instead plan the party a couple of weeks ahead of the wedding and party like it's 1999 with no wedding day regrets ! 

3) Stress 

I know it's hard and you want everything to be perfect on your once in a lifetime day, but please try not to stress. Planning a wedding is no easy thing and sometimes getting everyone in the wedding party on the same page is the hardest thing ever, but trust me, everything will all fall into its rightful place.

2) Go over the BUDGET 

The budget is one of the first things you set when planning a wedding, try your best to stick to it! If you absolutely cannot afford to go over, see if you can sacrifice something else in the wedding or if you must have it, make sure it is WORTH IT. Don't go into debt or make a hardship for one day, remember what really matters. 


Keep in mind that this is you and your fiancĂ©'s wedding! People will often try to force their opinions or dream wedding fantasies on you. Working in the wedding industry I have seen this time and time again. The bride ends up committing to something she is not in love with, whether it's a dress, guest list or whatever. If you don't love it don't get it, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the dress.  A huge entourage is mistake #1, but that's for a different blog post lol! All in all ladies be true to yourself and your wants! 

Now that we have the "Don'ts " out of the way let's move on the "Do's"

Wedding Do's

5) Seek help if needed 

The bridal world can be tricky, so if you feel like you may need a planner invest in one. Some think planners are a waste of money, but they can actually sometimes end up saving you money in the long run.  Remember they are experts and know of highly recommended vendors that can make your day a real success. Even if you have the planning under control, be sure to get a day of coordinator to relieve stress and take charge of the day so you and your new hubby can enjoy it! 

4) Consult with your FiancĂ© 

Let's be honest, most of us have been planning our weddings since we were little girls and know how we want things, down to the fine details. Don't forget that this is your honey's day as well, if he has some input be open to it and hear what he has to say. Most don't want much and know very little about what goes into a wedding so take his opinion into account.

3) Have an Awesome Photographer/Videographer  

Try not to cut corners or expense when it comes to your photographer. Pictures are what you will have to remember your day by for a lifetime and will be shown and passed down for years and years to come. Always remember, you create the memories and the photographer captures them! 

2) Relax! 

The day before your wedding make sure to relax! The next day will be full of emotion and overflowing with happiness you need to be supercharged and ready to take on the world! ( yes, that's what it will feel like lol) So take my advice, set up a day at the spa or set aside some "me time". 

*Drum Roll*!

1) Enjoy Your Day 

It's the moment you've been waiting for, and it's finally here... Enjoy it! You will be surrounded with nothing but love from your family & loved ones (and hubby of course), soak it up and take it all in. Let nothing and I mean NOTHING ruin your day and take you away from it's true meaning! I don't care if you ordered white roses and the florist sends pink! Keep your chin up and own it like that's what you planned to happen. Don't forget to spend a little time with everyone and you mustn't forget to DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING because it will be a day you will never forget ! 

Until next time *pink kisses* & lots of love!