Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Garden Tea Party Photo Shoot & Giveaway !

Hey Pretty Girls!

So I haven't posted on here in about a month and I have missed you girls oh so much!  Back in January, I had the vision to style a photo shoot for the first time. (OMG! I was so nervous) I had never done anything like this before and I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, but I knew doing a styled photo shoot would give me artistic freedom and showcase my designs. 

First, I had to brainstorm about what the theme would be. After some long pondering, I came up with the theme of A Garden Tea Party. I've always loved the daintiness of tea parties and Alice in wonderland. I imagined a tea party in a garden setting would be beautiful. Finding the venue of my dreams wouldn't be easy, but I knew in the state of Virginia it was very possible. 

The hunt for the perfect garden began! I searched all over and was introduced to Tuckahoe Plantation. The pictures of the grounds were nothing short of stunning, and even more lovely in person. Once I visited the plantation, I had a moment where I knew I could make this happen.

I needed to find a photographer who could help me bring my vision to life. As most of you know, I attended the Creative at Heart Conference, which afforded me the opportunity to meet many talented ladies in various industries. While browsing through websites and portfolios, I found Natalie Jayne. She was an absolute dream to work with and she totally understood my vision. 

Styled shoots are amazing because you get to do things YOUR way without having to conform to other people's style or staying within their parameters. Y'all I promise it's the best feeling in the world seeing everything come full circle

It took numerous people to help me bring my vision to life, from good friends to professionals. I cannot express how grateful I am for everyone who was involved, because it would've been impossible to do alone. 

Friends, it would be untruthful for me to say this was easy, but with every trial and set back I kept telling myself to keep going. I can definitely say it was WORTH IT... I truly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and in hindsight it all worked out for the best!

Keep scrolling for a few sneak peaks and highlights of the shoot!

You can't have a tea party without beautiful blooms and sweet treats !

My playful pup Josie in her Tutu!

Natalie hard at work !
Pop, Fizz, Clink !

There must be some SPARKLE!

Nothing's possible without good friends & laughter!

I had to incorporate tutus !

Designing the tablescape was so much fun !

Finding beautifully, unique teacups was a must! The Menus were created by bestie!

"Dollishly"goofing around...

Stay tuned for the actual photos! I cannot wait until they are done!

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Talk to you soon & continue to *SPARKLE*!

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