Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You're a Bridesmaid... What now?!

Hey Beauties!

You just found out your best friend is engaged and she has asked you to be part of the BIG DAY! You're super excited, but now what?! Being the Maid of Honor or a Bridesmaid is much more than just a title, the roles come with great responsibility and a few duties...

Maid of Honor

She's your BFF and will definitely be by your side at the alter, but what else does the Maid of Honor do? Of course she fluffs the Bride's dress and keeps her sane throughout the wedding day, but there are tons of other responsibilities that come along with the glamour of being the brides bestie.

* Go with her to find her gown and accessories (this will be fun for the both of you and an unforgettable bonding experience!)

* Plan and host the bridal shower and bachelorette party (get your creative juices flowing because you will need it!)

*Witness and sign the marriage certificate

* Puts together and emergency kit for bridal party (minimergency kits are cute and always come in handy)

*Holds the brides bouquet during the ceremony

*Holds groom's ring during ceremony

*Helps assemble invitations and wedding favors

*Gives speech/toast at reception

* Gives bride a shower and wedding gift

*Helps bride whenever she can and ties loose ends


Bridesmaids usually consist of the bride's closest friends, family and the groom's siblings/cousins. Always remember bridesmaids should be DEPENDABLE !

*Helps maid of honor/bride whenever they can

*Contributes to bridal shower and bachelorette party

*Responsible for purchasing dress and accessories by deadline 

MOST OF ALL FOR THE ENTIRE WEDDING PARTY :  BE A SUPPORT SYSTEM ! There will be many times that your bestie just needs someone to vent to  over a cocktail and dinner or someone to keep her from having a nervous break down before the big day. She will need you in more ways than you could possibly imagine!

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