Monday, March 16, 2015

The dedication of my sweet niece & more!

Hey Beauties!

This weekend was so exhausting, but absolutely amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world ! If you follow me on social media you saw that I had an amazing weekend filled with friends, family, and love ! 

As well know a lot goes into events behind the scenes and when your guests walk in they have no idea what it took to make everything happen (in my eyes that's the beauty of event planning). A few months ago my best friend told me she wanted to do a small get together after her daughter's dedication. How many of us know that a small gathering can turn into something big very quickly? Lol. So I'm pretty good at events, but my bestie is the "ultimate visionary " she comes up with some of the cutest themes for events. She said she wanted to use soft pink with some deeper pink accents, paired with ivory and gold, but didn't want it to look like a baby shower... So to Pinterest we went ! We shared pictures and ideas, then it was time to bring things to LIFE. How many times have we seen beautiful things on Pinterest then tried to do our own rendition *lol* ? This is the pic that inspired me... 

Well friends, that's what I did with the flower wall below .... I had a fishing line, needle , and garland of flowers in front of me and thought to myself "what next?" I went to YouTube , found a video and got to work . This was the end result ! 

(I started this about a month in advance just in case things didn't go as planned lol) I was super happy with the finished product. That same day my bestie took on a project as well, her lovely centerpieces ! 

She did an amazing job *told you she was fab*! 

Next she tackled the sweets table and cake! Luckily she know a beyond talented lady that makes sweets! There were Rice Krispies, chocolate covered strawberries and more! 

I pulled a bit of inspiration from a baby shower I found on Pinterest for the baby's name . 

She bought wooden letters from Michaels and she got her husband to spray paint them gold (he had to drill a hole in the J so that it could hang ). 

Events take many people and their individual talents to make it a success! Each piece is intricate and once they are  put together the vision for the event comes to life ! I will share more pictures below and I hope you all enjoy them! 


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